Make a one time donation.

6,000 kshs a year in Kenya

$120 a year in Australia, USA & Canada

60 GBP a year in UK

85 Euros a year for Europe

With this, one receives photos and regular 3 monthly updates on the baby in the cot.
This can be achieved by holding a fund raising function, encourage co-workers, family members or church groups to share support.

For information on how to donate financially to Hope House, please contact Rosaline Knobbs at;  or
Mobile phone in Kenya; (+254)0721437994

Hope House receives no financial support from the Kenyan Govt. and relies completely on the generosity of people from Kenya and overseas.
At present we receive regular monthly support from several companies and charities as well as smaller amounts from individuals. These cover over a third of our monthly costs, the remainder comes from our "adopt-a-cot" fundraiser, individuals and others who do specific fundraising events for us.

Ideally, we would like to have more regular monthly finances coming in. We do not know where the balance of the funds needed each month will come from. It is a faith mission and we put our trust in God.
We are blessed to receive many donations of toys, clothes, baby items and foodstuffs from people here in Kenya.


Adoption Requirements in Kenya

The applicants MUST be aged between 25-65 years at the time of submitting the application.
Joint applicants MUST be married to each other.
The child to be adopted MUST be at least 6 weeks old and resident in the Republic of Kenya.

LIZZIE MBOGO  is our Social Worker who deals with all the families, documentation and liaisons with Children’s Depts relating to adoption of the babies. All those people interested in adoptions to contact her. Tel: 0721853331 or Email

In Kenya

Single women and married couples can adopt babies. They must be approved by an Adoption Agency before being able to choose a baby.Prospective parents will need to employ a Guardian ad litum and a Lawyer.

Once a baby has been chosen, bonding needs to take place, especially if the baby is more than a few months of age, before leaving the home.

There must be a 3 months time of fostering before the adoption process can begin. During this time and up until the time that the adoption is finalized, the foster parent(s) must take the baby to the home on regular specified visits, depending on the location of family home to the baby home.


All international adoption applications MUST be submitted through a Registered Adoption Agency in the receiving country, to a Registered Adoption Agency in the sending country (Kenya).
All foreign adoption societies MUST be approved by the Kenyan Adoption Committee before they commence operations.
The regulations require inter-agency co-ordination and co-operation.
When in Kenya the conditions are the same as for Kenyans.

One of the prospective parents, must stay in Kenya with the child for the 3 months required fostering period before adoption process can begin, as well as the amount of time it takes to finalise the adoption.

Married couples only can adopt, in some cases, if a child has a special need, there’s a possibitity that a single woman can adopt.


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